1v1 and 2v2 Tournament!

Coming up on November 16th 2014, we have our 1v1 and 2v2 tournament! This will start at 2:30 pm EST, and go till we’re done. We might have streamers, we’re not sure yet! This will be played on the NA server. Join us on Raidcall Server 1337 (Yes we’re serious) for the tournament. 3 1v1s […]


Civilization V Patch Rundown

Civilization V Patch Rundown It reads like a random string of numbers, but it’s possibly the biggest thing to happen to multiplayer Civilization V. It’s been just over a year since the last patch, which landed on October 15th 2013, and in terms of notes it’s certainly bigger than the most recent patch. But […]

Trico Interview Image

Tussling With Trico: Interview With YouTuber Trico The Tussler

TricoTheTussler. This name is quite well known on YouTube, and I got the pleasure of interviewing the man, the myth, the legend! We cover three main topics, as is my style of interview. We cover his League of Legends beginnings, and how his rank has gone over time, his YouTube (https://www.youtube.net/user/TricoPaper), and his budding stream […]

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Building Their Legacy: Interview with Oceanic Champions Legacy eSports

Top Lane: An ‘Minkywhale’ Trinh Jungle: Tim ‘Carbon’ Wendel Mid Lane: Aaron ‘ChuChuZ’ Bland Marksman: Harry ‘Cardrid’ Archer Support: Bryce ‘EGym’ Paule   The name ‘Legacy eSports’ didn’t mean much a few weeks ago. In fact, up until July the name didn’t even exist in League of Legends. On August 13th, the whole world learned the name. […]