Trico Interview Image

Tussling With Trico: Interview With YouTuber Trico The Tussler

TricoTheTussler. This name is quite well known on YouTube, and I got the pleasure of interviewing the man, the myth, the legend! We cover three main topics, as is my style of interview. We cover his League of Legends beginnings, and how his rank has gone over time, his YouTube (, and his budding stream […]

Legacy eSports

Building Their Legacy: Interview with Oceanic Champions Legacy eSports

Top Lane: An ‘Minkywhale’ Trinh Jungle: Tim ‘Carbon’ Wendel Mid Lane: Aaron ‘ChuChuZ’ Bland Marksman: Harry ‘Cardrid’ Archer Support: Bryce ‘EGym’ Paule   The name ‘Legacy eSports’ didn’t mean much a few weeks ago. In fact, up until July the name didn’t even exist in League of Legends. On August 13th, the whole world learned the name. […]

The DWAI CS Begins!

The DWAICS Begins!

DWAI’s Championship Series kicks off today with games from Groups A and B! Come support your favourite team, find out your competition, or to enjoy our first DWAI Tournament. Thursday MerryGo Boys vs Turn Up Function 6:30 PM EST MerryGo Boys vs Feeking Amazing 8 PM EST kT Trash Bags vs Turn Up Function 8 […]


Introducing No Bronze Left Behind!

  DWAI’s Coaching Divison Introduces No Bronze Left Behind (NBLB)! In this segment, our Head Coach Phaetox and CXO Epicadin spectate games and commentate (with permission, of course) a lower Elo member of the community. They provide insightful information that can help them climb the ladder and bring them up to par with the competition in DWAI. […]