The DWAI CS Begins!

The DWAICS Begins!

DWAI’s Championship Series kicks off today with games from Groups A and B! Come support your favourite team, find out your competition, or to enjoy our first DWAI Tournament. Thursday MerryGo Boys vs Turn Up Function 6:30 PM EST MerryGo Boys vs Feeking Amazing 8 PM EST kT Trash Bags vs Turn Up Function 8 […]


Introducing No Bronze Left Behind!

  DWAI’s Coaching Divison Introduces┬áNo Bronze Left Behind (NBLB)! In this segment, our Head Coach Phaetox and CXO Epicadin spectate games and commentate (with permission, of course) a lower Elo member of the community. They provide┬áinsightful information that can help them climb the ladder and bring them up to par with the competition in DWAI. […]

Oceania's League of DWAI!

[OCE] The League of DWAI

Hey summoners! The whispers are true! We do have a huge tournament kicking off. That’s right, $1500NZD in prizes as well cash prizes and MVP awards!!!!!! Anyone from any ELO can participate, so long as you’re committed to games and have a team ready to go! Details are below: Rules and Guidelines can be found […]